Finally, the most powerful of the ranks below a Moderator, Crow rank costs $40 USD and comes with a gazillion perks and gadgets to use on Corvus.

Players with the Crow rank are able to do everything mentioned above but with an astonishing 10 plots of land, 10 homes, and are able to set 3 different warps where other players can teleport to.

They also have access to a plugin/command called Disguise. This plugin comes with /disguise where you can turn into any animal or mob in the game. This includes bats, zombie horses, and of course cats.

Players won't even have a username above them when in a disguise so they can even put on other players skins to mock and impersonate their friends. If this rank sounds like it's worth the money to you, then go ahead and buy it!

If not, check out our other ranks and see which one suits your needs best as a player on Corvus by MyFallen